Campaign for the abolition of "Firing Zone 918" in South Hebron Hills

Update about the army harassments on December 27th in the Palestinian villages of the Firing Zone

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Palestinian witnesses, inhabitants of Jinba and Al Mirkez villages, in the Firing Zone 918, reported harassments and aggressions by soldiers on December 27th.

In the morning of December 27th around 10 am three soldiers walked through the village of Jinba looking for a 15 years old Palestinian guy. They found  and beat him in his house accusing him of having informed an illegal workers’ car about the presence of the soldiers behind it.

The same day during the night, between 10 pm and 12 am, four soldiers broke in Al Mirkez village  intimidating people to leave from their land. One family reports the soldiers got in their house while the whole family was sleeping, they threatened people and moved stuff in the house as looking for something.

Another family reports the soldiers went to their tent, stopped on the entrance with a gun pointed on them and ordered them to get out. They asked about the family and the owner of the house. The soldiers than entered in two caves near by where other members of the family were sleeping and ordered them to get out. The soldiers asked a boy for his ID but he was to young for having one so they asked for a women’s who refused to show it.

International volunteers are now present in the villages of the Firing Zone several days a week, testify about the violence and the abuses of the soldiers as the people ask them to do.  

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