Campaign for the abolition of "Firing Zone 918" in South Hebron Hills

Demolishing lives

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“Firing Zone” looked like something so far away, so different from our life in Tuwani when suddenly it has become a main topic, matter of meetings, reason of studies and links with other organizations, cause of concern after firsts sad events at the beginning of November.As always, the Doves fly high in these skies but knows how to keep their feet on the ground, we ask the Palestinians what to do and leave to find out where are these seven villages and who lives there.

We start walking from Tuwani, and soon we find out that distances are not that long. Streets and houses ends up suddenly after less than an hour, and after hills an open wide desert take place.

You can recognize small villages spread here and there, further dusty hills, settlements and outposts well-known, and in front of us, down there, the border. A border that you can’t see, there is no wall here to make it recognizable, only wheels ‘footprints on the ground, trace of cars full of workers that every day try to pass from here leading them toward new abuses. If you look at the horizon you can see the Israeli city of Arad. From no other place familiar to us we can actually see Israel.

The street goes on and finally brings us to life, a life that constantly remembers us the meaning of being here. The road takes us in many villages: to Al Fakheit where a grandma with her three granddaughter immediately welcomes us making us feel home; to the villages of Mirkez and Jinba whom inhabitants live under the eyes of a military base and doesn’t hesitate to tell us their stories; to Halaweh where sheep are probably more than humans; to Tabban where the inhabitants fight among them to invite us for dinner or lunch; to the village of Al Majaz on top of a hill full of children who seem to own the entire world from there; ending to Isfye that, with its wind turbine, remembers us we are already getting near to familiar lands. A gather of lives on the hills of a earth-soiled desert. Richness for us who have the privilege to share these lives, insignificant misery at the eyes of who wants to demolish them.

Because, as always, we are talking about demolishing lives not houses, even if there are no house actually here, tends and some caves at most.

For now this is what we can and know how to do: to live with these people in these villages with a soundtrack of enemy fires, because sounds of war are always enemy to us, asking ourselves if we will manage to enlighten these lives, invisible to the world.

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